5 simple ways to freshen up your cottage!

5 simple ways to freshen up your cottage!

Spring season is upon us and for many cottage owners we like to start to do things around the cottage. So here are 5 simple ways that you can freshen and brighten up your cottage and get it ready for renting.

1) Fresh coat of paint - Brighten up your cottage with a fresh coat of paint. We suggest staying away from the trendy colours and instead stick to the neutral tones on the walls and ceilings. This would be the whites, off whites, greys, and taupe colours. This will really brighten up the space and with some of the older cottages with smaller rooms and windows the neutral paint colours will make a world of difference.

2) Accessorize for the season – We suggest the pops of colour in your space be changed for the seasons. Everyone loves fresh flowers, and it is a great way to brighten a space and add some colour at the same time! Throw cushions and throw blankets are easy ways to add colour to a room and the ability to change the look of the room easily and inexpensively.

3) Simplicity – People come to the cottage to be in nature and take in the wonderful surroundings that your cottage has to offer. Don’t distract from this with clutter. Keep your décor to a minimum. Clutter and knickknacks will distract from the surroundings that your guests have come for. It also means that there are just that many more things that can get broken with guests.

4) Make the space comfy- No one enjoys going to a home where you are afraid to sit down or touch things. A cottage should be a comfortable place to kick back, read a book, play games enjoy a drink and family time. Make sure your furniture and space reflect that feeling. Lots of sitting space. Easily cleanable furniture, lots of pillows, throw blankets and wood for the fireplace. Guests want to feel at home. Furniture doesn’t need to be high-end but durable comfortable furniture will give you the look and you are going for. Avoid a mix mash of hand me downs which are worn out and not cohesive. It will distract from the vibe you are going for.

5) Lighting – We prefer to have a mixture of lighting options in the cottage. Overhead lighting for rooms is great for game and puzzles. Floor lamps and task lighting for reading and cooking and dimmer or battery-operated candles for ambiance lighting. This gives the guest choices to of lighting depending on if it is a romantic dinner, family game night or reading on a rainy day!

    Overall, you want a clean, bright, comfortable cottage that makes the guests feel at home and relaxed. You can never have too many pillows, poufs and throws at your cottage!

    As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

    Happy Cottaging!