Outdoor Games for your Cottage

If you are looking for outdoor games for your cottage there are so many to select from. My memories of the cottage are playing Horseshoes and Croquet or lawn bowling. Those games are still available but there are so many more to choose from now. Here are our top 10 games for your cottage.

  • Corn Hole: This is a game of tossing the bean bag and trying to get it into the hole. It is a great game for all ages as you can move the Corn Hole closer for younger children. This game can provide hours of entertainment!
  • Giant Jenga: This is the same as the regular Jenga game that we are all familiar with, but it is large pieces for the outside. I have seen this available on Amazon. It is a great game of strategy for all ages!
  • Bocce Ball: Whether you have a sand beach or a lawn to play on, Bocce Ball is an all -time classic outdoor game for all ages.
  • Lawn Darts: Another game that is great for the family. Set up the rings and toss the darts. Like Horseshoes you are trying to get the darts in the rings on the ground. The darts have rubber ends so it is safe for children too.
  • Spike Ball: This is a game for the active ones of the family. Easy to set up this is like volleyball with 3 hits per side, but it is 360 degrees around the spike “trampoline” – meaning there are no sides to this game as there are in volleyball. This is a ton of fun and a good workout too!

These 5 are our favourite games. If you have lots if space and can set up nets then badminton and volleyball are always cottage favourites, especially for the teens and adults. All these games are available on Amazon, and you can likely find them at Walmart or your local stores.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Cottaging!