Cottage Rental Etiquette

Ontario cottage country is beautiful. Every year thousands of people escape to their cottages to enjoy the wilderness, serenity, and beauty of what our province has to offer. Each cottage country area (Haliburton, Muskoka, Kawartha’s, Prince Edward County and more) has natural beauty and vibrant towns. At Serenity Vacation Rentals we are grateful to the cottage owners who allow us to share their cottages with you and we hope that you create beautiful lasting memories and want to visit us again!

To ensure the continued success of short-term cottage rentals in these beautiful areas we have put together some guest etiquette. This will help to keep you safe during your stay along with ensuring that the cottage, the neighbours, and the environment that you are in is preserved so that many more families can create cottage country memories.

Below is our guest etiquette for all our cottage rentals.

  • Garbage: Familiarize yourselves with the local collection schedules and the location of your local landfill station. Our cottage guides and instructions will tell you how to handle the garbage at your specific cottage rental. Know what is acceptable in each container and sort it accordingly. To prevent attracting wildlife and having them get into the garbage we suggest you put it out the morning of pickup. Please also ensure that all garbage is picked up outside the cottage too.
  • Noise: Please be always respectful of your neighbours and keep the music down. Remember, sound travels very well over the water, especially amplified sound. Most of the townships in cottage country noise by-law in effect so any noise after the time stated in the bylaw (usually 10 or 11 pm could result in a fine.
  • Septic Systems: Most cottages are on septic systems. This means that products that are anti-bacterial should not be used as they can break down the bacteria required for the septic system to work properly. Please also do not put feminine hygiene products or diapers down the septic systems as they can cause blockage and backups in the system.
  • Occupancy: Property-specific occupancy limits have been established within the contract and cannot be exceeded. This includes children and pets. Non-compliance with this can lead to you being asked to leave the property.
  • Parking: Property-specific parking limits have been established within the contract and cannot be exceeded. Septic beds cannot support cars so please make sure if there are designated parking spots at the cottage that you park only in those spots. Also, please keep your speeds down on the country roads to keep wildlife, cyclists, and children safe.
  • Campfires & Fire Bans: Please ensure that you abide by the bylaws of the municipality you are staying in far as campfires are concerned. Please also be aware of any bans on campfires in your area due to weather and lack of rain. Having campfires when they are banned can result in fines and is a BIG safety hazard. We also ask that all campfires are fully extinguished by throwing pails of water on the embers. We do not allow campfires on the beaches of any of our properties.
  • Fireworks: Not allowed on private cottage property under any conditions.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted at any of our rental properties.
  • Water Quality is Important: No bathing or washing in the lakes. Even phosphate-free products can be harmful to the water. Your cottage guide will tell you if the water is drinkable or of you need to bring your own water.
  • Floating Items: Any water toys should be brought to shore after use.

Leave the cottage looking the same way that it was when you arrived so that the next guests can enjoy their stay too

As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Cottaging!